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Curbside Recycling Information (For residents who have weekly curbside pickup):

The SESC worked directly with the Department of Public Works, Former Superintendent John Batchelder in 2012 to update the Town of Stoughton Rubbish and Recycling Guidelines, to make them easier to read and understand. Download, View and Print your copy here: Stoughton Recycling Guidelines

Recycling Center: 100 Page Street, Stoughton, MA (Same Driveway for C&D Facility) Hours:  Saturdays  from 8:00am-4:30pm . For questions regarding the Recycling Center please call the Stoughton DPW at 781 344 2112.

Recycling Tips

Caps and Lids on co-mingles: All caps and lids on glass and plastic co-mingles do not have to be removed prior to recycling

Paper Recycling:  All clean mixed papers that are acceptable in the curbside recycling program are items such as: Newspapers, Junk Mail, Unbounded notebook paper, computer paper, thin boxes such as cereal boxes, pasta boxes, soda and beer packaging. Greasy pizza boxes are not acceptable, however the clean lid side, can be. Tear it off and pop it in your recycle bin. Corrugated Cardboard is also acceptable, but it should be flattened and cut to fit inside your recycle bin. If it is not flattened it will be discarded by the rubbish personnel of the DPW.  Alternatively, you can take any of your recyclables to the Recycle Center on Page Street on Sundays between 8:00-5:00pm.

Stoughton Curbside Recycling Q&A

Q: Are plastic bags recyclable in the curbside recycling program?

A: No. The Town of Stoughton Curbside Recyclable Collection should not include any  plastic bags, including bags that contain recyclables.  Ultimately, any plastic bag that goes to the Recycling Sorting Facility in Brockton, gets discarded into the trash. That means, all those plastic bags are going into the landfill. An alternate method for recycling your plastic bags is to drop them off at any business that recycles plastic bags. Some businesses in Stoughton that accept them are: Stop n Shop, Target and Kohls. TIP: Reduce the number of plastic bags you use by bringing reusable bags to any store that you shop at. They are also, much easier to handle later when you bring them home.  Watch this interesting video on how some plastic is recycled.

Q: Is corrugated cardboard acceptable through curbside rubbish/ recyclables pickup?
A: Yes. Corrugated Cardboard should be flattened and/or broken down for pickup at curbside. Corrugated Cardboard is acceptable as recyclables in Stoughton, and can be placed out with your recyclables on your recyclables pick up day.

Q: When is my curbside waste pickup day?
A: The Stoughton Department of Public Works can assist you with this question. Call the DPW at 781-344-2112, or find your street in the Routes-Trash Collection document here.

Q: I live in a Multifamily home, that is not serviced by the Stoughton DPW, I want to recycle, where can I take my recyclables?
A: The Town of Stoughton has a Recycle Center/Transfer Station that is open on Saturdays from 8am to 4:30pm.  The Center is located at 100 Page Street.

Q: I would like to recycle, but where do I start?
A: The Stoughton DPW has made available a FREE recycle bin to get you started, and can be picked up at the DPW. It is a good size to recycle paper, as paper compacts nicely. The DPW office also has free “RECYCLABLES” stickers that you can place on any container you wish (currently up to 32 gallon size), and place at curbside on your recycle day. See the Rules and Regulations document above for specifics on what can be recycled. Alternatively, contact the DPW or the SESC if you have questions on recycling.

Q: I have a large appliance I need to dispose of, who can help me?
A:  The Department of Public Works accepts calls for appointments to pick up these types of large items. Call the DPW at 781-344-2112 to make the request.

Q: Are TVs and Computer Monitors accepted at Curbside pickup?
A: No. Residents must bring TVs and Computer Monitors to the Recycling/Transfer station located at 100 Page Street on Sundays from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Additional Resources:

Learn where you can recycle/deposit other household items such as Alkaline Batteries, Light Bulbs and E-waste.













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