Green Communities

greencomm1What is the Massachusetts Green Communities Grant Program?

The Green Communities Designation and Grant Program, an initiative of the Green Communities Division, works with municipalities toward qualification as a Green Community and provides funding to qualified municipalities for energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives. By meeting five rigorous qualification criteria, a designated Green Community demonstrates a commitment to reducing energy consumption, pursuing clean renewable and alternative energy projects, and providing economic development in the clean energy sector. (Source:

Thank you and Congratulations Stoughton!

The SESC & the Town of Stoughton Leaders were notified on Tuesday December 22, 2015, that Stoughton has been designated a Green Community, through the Massachusetts Green Community Grant Program. By being designated a Green Community, the Town is eligible for Grant Money which will fund municipal energy conservation projects across town, and our initial grant in 2016 was for $209,000. Many of these projects have been defined in the Energy Reduction Plan (ERP). As the SESC plans the next phase of our efforts, we will continue to support the Town in following through on the completion of these projects, so that we can stay on course with our goal of a 20% reduction in Energy use by 2020.

Many thanks to the key players who helped us accomplish this goal we worked on for over 4 years, many who are listed in the ERP document

Previous Stoughton GCGP Updates:

October 2015: The Stoughton Energy & Sustainability Committee Applied for the Green Communities Grant Program on Wednesday October 21, 2015! All 5 criteria have been met to the best of our ability. Designation approvals will be announced later this year. Stay tuned and Congratulations Stoughton!

June 2014: On Monday June 16, 2014, Stoughton Town Meeting voted in Favor of Adopting the Stretch Energy Code. This resulting vote allows the Stoughton Energy & Sustainability Committee the wonderful opportunity to continue to pursue the Green Communities Grant Program, sponsored by the State of Massachusetts, DOER, which could earn Stoughton a designation Grant award amount upward of $200,000.00. The grant funding must be used in turn, to fund municipal Energy Conservation projects in our Town, which in turn will continue to help Stoughton save money.